Tuesday, July 03, 2007

podcast #14

without further ado, here is the tracklisting for the latest podcast... comments please - don't be shy! and anyone in madrid this friday - come down to the boca del lobo in calle echegaray...

tom jones - ain't no sunshine (parrot)
doc severinsen - fever (command quadrophonic)
"rob on acid"
hot rocks - the chopper
enoch light - hijack
steely dan - peg (abc records)
j j cale - right down here (mercury)
ray terrace - michelle (tower records)
warieka hill sounds - africa freedom march (honest jons)
fat freddie's drop - ernie (drop)
nightmares on wax - the sweetest (warp)
kutiman - music is ruling my world (mpm)
mo horizons - green day (agogo)
ben westbeech - dance with me (switch remix) (brownswood)
ben westbeech - get closer (brownswood)
makoto - take my soul baby (good looking records)



Anonymous said...

hm...doesn't seem to want to update in the iTunes on my computer machine (?)

Heavy Üsker said...

good to see such anxiousness to get your hands on the latest podcast. there is always a slight delay before itunes "spots" that there is a new podcast to be downloaded. it should be on your ipod now!

M. said...

Yo me lo voy a bajar para ponerlo en la tiendita esta mañana...

luego te cuento!!


jill said...

No se como no he descubierto tu podcast antes... ha salvado mi mañana en la oficina, aunque a partir de ahora espero escucharlo en entornos más amables :)

Qué ilusión escuchar el tema de fat freddy's... (y demás joyitas)

Genial! Mersi

pd. espero poder pasarme mañana por la boca del lobo!

mtagliani said...

Great mix (I expect nothing less). Kudos on the inclusion of something as ostensibly commercial as "Peg". The goal is good music which, as your generally eclectic mix of tunes show, can come from everywhere. It shows a certain confidence in your own taste/judgement to not be afraid to include a song that would be a staple of your typical "classic rock" radio station. Well done.

Anonymous said...

The dance with me remix in this podcast is actually MJ Cole's, not Switch's.

Phil Sawkins said...

Love this podcast (as well as 5, 12, and 13). It travelled to Denmark, with me and some friends. We listened both in the car on the way up/back and in the rental beach house. Especially got down to 'the dan'. Hadn't heard Peg in ages! Nightmares on wax "sweetest" had us all nodding in the back seat of the car, in a kind of laid-back waynes world way. Keep it up, heavy! Phil Sawkins, Hamburg.

ile said...

Just found out your podcasts, really good music, thanks for sharing these song with us!
Is it possible to listen to this kinda music somewhere in Madrid? (I mean a place where u can also dance and have fun, -dont mean a trendy expensive cafe :)

Saludos from La Latina :)

Saeed said...

I have stumbled across your page, and im overly pleased with the podcasts, currently listening to podcast 14, and im loving your taste. Salute

Zarles Kreiger

Zarles Kreiger said...

may i ask what or where from is the first spoken bit in the mix, very true


Heavy Üsker said...

hi zarles

sorry for taking so long to get back to you but i had to find the record with the spoken passage again.

its a record from 1960 of a conference for salesmen given by arthur h "red" motley called "nothing happens until somebody sells something - a guide to professional salesmanship". to entice you to buying the record (and listening to it, i suppose...) it says that you will find out "how being nice to a little old lady led to a $104,000 contract". that probably wouldn't wash in today's politically correct world!

i can't remember why i bought it now. oh yeah, one thing, given that there is a lot of anti-american sentiment in the world these days, i wanted to clarify that including the excerpt was not meant as a dig to americans (if anyone took it that way) but more as a curious social comment related to capitalism in general...

Heavy Üsker said...

hi ile

yes, there are plpace to go in madrid to hear this kind of music (especially round where you live!). drop me an email or at least make sure you are on my mailout (drop your email in the box on the front page of my blog). for now, check out la marula and la boca del lobo. ah, and check out www.danzz.es for the jazzdance night that javi bayo runs. i haven't been out myself much lately though...