Thursday, June 28, 2007

finally, i can watch the beeb in madrid!!

i've been waiting for this moment for over 6 years... and it has always eluded me. to be able to watch the bbc in spain the size of the satelite dish needed has always just been out of reach - just as i was getting used to the cost (and the size) the signal would move to another satelite and the dish would have to be even bigger and uglier (latest was 2 metres diameter!). so i'd pretty much given up hope.

now this is not an advertisment, just that i am very grateful to the person who put me on to this gadget (and to my brother who has it in his house, sapping his internet upload bandwidth) and i think it might be of interest to some of you international peeps! its called a slingbox and the idea is that you leave it connected to a tv aerial and the internet in your country of choice. then you can log on to it via the internet from anywhere in the world and watch your beloved home tv. although after so many years i'm beginning to realise how crap a lot of it is... i still miss it though!!

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