Tuesday, April 15, 2008

where the hell have i been all this time...?

i've hardly been down to the basement for months now. there are two reasons for this... ironically enough, the first is that i thought after having done a podcast for over two years i should at least own an ipod, so i bought myself an ipod touch. and, guess what, i've discovered that it is great being able to listen to music everywhere: in the car, in the gym, even in the swimming pool! i've actually started to buy digital music instead of vinyl... is this the end of an era?

more significantly, i've taken up running. i've even got my playlists organized to be at exactly the right tempo for my steps... i recently ran in the madrid half marathon and managed to raise some money for voces: you can see for yourself here. of course all this training takes away time when i could be doing podcasts.

keep bugging me and i will get on to do another podcast real soon now, i promise!