Monday, July 31, 2006

podcast #7 - blast from the past

the other day i listened again to the very first radio madrid show ever (when it was more of a mixtape and less of a show) and i thought, this is pretty good! so, continuing with the 5th anniversary spirit (and my general laziness to do a new show) i thought i'd post it here. new show sooooon i promise!!!

by the way, a nice example of things coming around full circle. i just got an email out of the blue from a guy promoting his latest album. the band was called "the trio très bien" (pictured) which made me look a bit closer... the "guy" turned out to be none other than jeter thompson, the pianist from the "quartette très bien" and the man who wrote "boss très bien", a tune which has rarely left my record box. wow, the internet is crazy.

al foster band - night of the wolf (jazz spectrum)
the adam ross reeds - silly savage(the grass is greener)
mr hermano - free as the morning sun (12")
caveril payne - when i open my eyes (jazz bizniz 2)
salena jones - right now (moment of truth)
the peddlers - tell the world we're not in (7")
jimmy caravan - little bird (look into the flower)
elsie bianchi - little bird (the sweetest sound)
dee felice trio - nightingale (jazz spectrum)
quartette tres bien - boss tres bien (boss tres bien)
jazztronik - dizzin (jazztronik)
balanco - metti una sera a cena (jazzanova remix)
onkel joe - catch up (glücklich)
mr gone - mosquito coast (12")
kenny clarke and francy boland - un graso de areia (latin kaleidoscope)
perez prado - james bond theme (lights! action! prado!)