Thursday, July 05, 2007

not sorted your summer holidays out yet?

so if croatia is the new greece i reckon montenegro has to be the new croatia... and what better reason for heading down to budva than to see me (ajem!) and quantic amongst other great djs playing in the open air! the venue is kids friendly (i'll be there with the whole family) so don't be shy to combine the beach holiday with the party holiday...

the details of the venue are

"Tudo Beleza festival takes place in CASPER, DJ BAR situated in the old town of Budva. It is in CARA DUSANA street. Walking along the yacht port of Budva this is the LAST ENTRY GATE into the Old Town on the right side. After 30m you will notice a magnificent garden in stone covered by lemon trees, with the finest music in the area - this is CASPER."


mtagliani said...

The heavy metal umlaut is the diacritical mark of the beast.

Heavy Üsker said...

this is great (the comment!!). that explains why all these diabolical heavy metal bands try to connect with me on myspace. i thought it was the "heavy" in heavy üsker but it looks like its the umlaut that is drawing them in. i'd forgotten that motorhead had one too!

Anonymous said...

cómo se vuela hasta allí desde Madrid? alguna compañía low-cost?
Te eché de menos anoche en lo de Gilles Peterson!!

Maja said...

I wish I could come to Budva to see you!! I hope you have a great time. Take photos for me :) (I used to holiday there as a kid ;-)

ps love your latest podcast