Wednesday, July 04, 2007

calling out for anyone who went to the "world peace soul jazz" sessions

i would love to hear from anyone who came along to world peace soul jazz all those years ago in oxford... it was started by a couple of friends of mine - john cusins and chris swales - then i got involved... those were the days - popping down to london to jam records in the trocadero (RIP) and getting vip treatment from ollie... and being able to play anything as long as it was good... giving away free food so we could dodge the esoteric uk licensing laws and keep going until midnight(!) on a sunday. we even had tom from groove armada as a guest dj (in 1992!).


Ollie Jam said...

Hey Rob.
Its been a long time since those days !
i now play E. bass in Jerry Dammers Spatial AKA orchestra.
Hope your good and glad you're still with the music.

All the best
Ollie 'Jam' Bayley

Rob Smith said...

hey ollie! great to hear from you. if you guys are ever in madrid let me know, will definitely go and see you play. thanks for all the tunes back in the day!!