Monday, July 30, 2007

podcast #15 - rodríguez special

(from the journal of san diego.) The contemporary expression employed in Spain to indicate a man whose family is out of town and is temporarily a "bachelor" is estar de Rodríguez ("to be Rodríguez), indicating the alias usually assumed during extra-marital relationships, such as "Jones" or "Smith" would be used in similar situations in the United States.

so what better way to use my time other than to do another podcast!

earl bostic - harlem nocturne (gusto)
shankar jaikishan - mishra pilu (hmv)
the polyversal souls - sad nile (fryers recordings)
me & you - the hoop loop (tru thoughts)
mo' horizons - green day (agogo)
nina simone - funkier than a mosquito's tweeter (rca)
the dubben band - dubbicho (resense)
astrud gilberto - beginings (verve)
baden powell - blues a volonte (mps)
nino ferrer - les cornichons (riviera)
roy castle - voodoo girl (cbs)
nostalgia 77 - wildflower (tru thoughts)
idris mohammed - could heaven ever be like this? (kudu)
francine mcgee - delirium (ariola)
herbie hancock - saturday night (gamm)


Castillo said...

MMMMMMMM!!!!! Que buena pinta tiene este podcast#15, ahora mismo le doy al play.

Por cierto Rob cuando vuelves a pinchar en Madrid? Me encantaría ir a ver una de tus sesiones. Avisa con un poco de tiempo porfa!


ridley scrott said...

Encontré este blog por casualidad y tengo que decirte que ES BRUTAL y que pinchas de cojones. Me pasaré un día por "La Boca del Lobo", hace siglos que no voy.

Keep that groove!

Jussi said...


It's been a cold and rainy summer here in Finland, but your podcasts just make me smile. So much good music in this little world.

Keep them coming!

harrycole100 said...

one of the best shows out there. in the world of over dug under average jazz & funkiness, it so exciting to listen to really great stuff that you don't know, have or even heard of. every show is a winner.... always sends me off into a hunting spree for more goodies! LOVE IT. keep it up. Harry, suffolk , UK

Phil Sawkins said...

Great stuff!

btw. Can we make requests, like on other radio stations?

If so, could you play "Move on up" by Curtis Mayfield, or "Expansions" by Lonnie Liston Smith? I'd dedicate it to my mate Simon who has just moved to Oman, to wish him good luck there.


Phil Sawkins, Hamburg

Anonymous said...

Hey there, nice podcasts. As soon as I saw tracks from jazzman/tru/freestyle, I knew it would be worth listening to. Keep it unreal.

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