Wednesday, December 13, 2006

podcast #9 -

danzz was a phenomenal success! the jazzcotech boys and girls did a sterling job in catalysing the dancefloor which allowed us to take things to a level that spain has never seen or heard before! i was able to drop tracks i've never evern dared drop in london AND EVERYONE DANCED LIKE CRAZY! anyway, if you can't wait until the next session on the 7th of january (get booking those flights!) you can make do with this special session featuring the mastermind behind danzz (javi bayo) and the other deejays putting the tracks down... have a great christmas and new year!

a fantastica orquestra de studio de cipo - caravan (imperial)
jonathan richman - egyptian reggea (jazzman)
salah ragar - eqyptian strut
morton and the uptights - montego (palette)
guido carnagy - free way exit (rbr)
chaquito - special project (fontana)
carlos lacerda - disintegracao (js discos)
helen merrill - why don't you do right (rca italia)
lee mason - the connection (chappell)
pege trio - baby car (hungaroton)
clarke boland big band - om mani padme hum (atlantic)
joanne grauer - see you later (mps)
steve & eydie - this could be the start of something big (abc)
cannonball aderley & sergio mendes - sanibop (emi)
mark murphy - milestones (rah)
ray terrace - you've been talking 'bout me baby (tower)
paul winter sextet - viaje a recife (cbs)
the leslie drayton orchestra featuring barbara morrison - when will you be mine? (esoteric records)
the james taylor quartet - it doesn't matter (polydor)
jon hendricks - reza (fontana)
jackie & roy - don't be blue (concord jazz)
teurmoso hino - samba de la cruz (flying disc)
dadisi komolafe - speak no evil (nimbus)
guida de palma - casa forte (club brasil)
dick morrissey quartet - don't fall over the bridge (mercury)
john suriman - dance (deram)
quintessence - samba de santa rosa (quintessence)


Hans dB said...

heavy selection guys!

M. said...

me encantó.

jazz por aquí y jazz por allá...


un beso.

M. said...

bailaría muchas cosas
pero quizás hoy me gustó especialmente
la chillona "when will you be mine?"
quién la eligió?