Friday, January 05, 2007


yes, its that time of the month again for the second in sala morocco (madrid). make sure you get there unfashionably early (19:00 this sunday) so as not to miss the masterclass from the jazzcotech dudes and dudesses. as i said, this event is breaking moulds!! for radio madrid listeners there's the chance to catch john gomez on the decks! unfortunately i won't be able to make it as i have to fly to chile on sunday evening... but i will be there in spirit... DON'T MISS IT! even the jazzcotech guys were psyched by the last one, and they get spoilt by the london jazzdance crowd. that's the spanish passion they are missing you see...


Anonymous flog said...

would really love to be there tonight - but is too far... have fun! just left a comment in Miriams blog about looking forward for another podcast - the two of you!

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