Wednesday, November 22, 2006

DANZZ this sunday


this sunday we are going to be breaking some moulds in madrid! the first one is a nod to the legendary dingwalls in london, where gilles peterson and patrick forge rose to fame: we will be playing from 7pm to midnight. this may not seem a big deal, but in a city where there are clubs that go on until this time from saturday night, its filling an important gap in the clubbing calendar. the second mould-breaker is that javi bayo (soundclash) is bringing the incredible jazzcotech dancers (think fred astaire meets capoeira) to share the dancefloor. when i first started deejaying about 15 years ago i used to be bowled over by those moves, the kneedrops, the spins, the improvisation. danny freidman, if you are reading this please drop me a line! i am so excited that i've got the opportunity to be involved in this! check the movie and the flyer... as usual, hit me for the guest listage.


cientista said...

nice.. i know some of those jazzcotech boys i used to dance down in jojos with rocky, collar, keb n the gang.. now, for you - have a look at my capoeira videos on capoeira science !! real capoeiristas.


excelent blog!