Sunday, March 05, 2006

dial soul

i've just got around to doing another podcast - i'm on a roll... i've even been interviewed in a local paper about the podcast. its in english so you can check it out here! the tracklist this time around is

ofra haza - im nin'ain
gene harris - losalamitos (latinfunklovesong) (bluenote)
howard roberts - dirty old bossa nova (capitol)
sound factory inc - house of the rising sun (drive in)
james reese and the progressions - let's go (it's summertime)
nancy sinatra - the boots are made for walking (rhino)
nanette natal - it's over
grupo jazz marac - sguardo (ariston)
maxence cyrin - jaguar (d/l)
luis arruda paes - upa neguinhio (odeon)
? - aquarius (supreme records)
los hermanos latinos - puerto rico (white)
burnout - homenage (freestyle)
lupo el fantástico - los angelitos negros (cotique)
captain planet - samba radiante (?)
bugs in the attic - sounds like (white)
swell session - speak (hospital records)
paddy roberts - the big deejay (decca 1959)

don't forget the competition!


john the bailey said...

? - aquarius (supreme records)

that's a re-edit of george shearings version of aquarius > dunno who did the re-edit tho

trust me baby > i know the dark side

big love to you and yours mr rob smith madrid

Heavy Üsker said...

respect sir! how the devil are you? are you still down under? do the records spin anti-clockwise? have you set up a night?

john the bailey said...

respek back

this devil is fine baby

i am downunder for the term of my natural life

records spin the right way but the search for cosmic jazz continues

i haven't started a night > i've been told i should - i dunno if i should > it's all about the 'ifs' and 'buts'... a one man show downunder... can i be bothered... etc...

it's alonggg way from home > the record shops aren't the greatest > but i have to say i have been collecting the dusty oz jazz stuff > i'll send some bailey oz stuff > address me baby