Wednesday, February 15, 2006

dial soul

well, the first podcast was so successful that i've been hitting my bandwidth limits. so if you get denied service, its not because its crap, its because its just too good... i may have to dig into my pockets to buy some more bandwidth if this keeps up! here's the tracklist - hope you enjoy the show

stanley myers - first suite (finder's keepers)
fat freddies' drop - cays crays (the drop)
kenny rankin - berimbau
edu lobo - even now (a&m)
the advancement - stone folk (philips)
bobby cole - a perfect day (ubiquity)
danser's inferno - sombre guitar
john wagner coalition- cold sweat (liquorice soul)
dennis coffey and the detroit guitar band - scorpio (sussex)
uniao black - na palma da mao (commonfolk)
patti jo - make me believe in you (black science re-edit) (089)
buddy rich - kilamanjaro (groove merchant)
sleepwalker - an-no-kawa (especial)
dj matsuoka - samba nexusia (typhoon)
nephews of phela - mulah 2 (white)
status iv - you ain't really down (jazzanova remix) (radar music)


bombin said...

Es un placer poder escuchar esta sesión. Ahora me tengo que ir a pinchar y la verdad es que me siento influido de buenas vibraciones, gracias a ti.
Deseando larga vida para tus podcast... Saludos grandes.

Jez said...

Bloody marvellous, mate. This is exactly my kind of music.

Anonymous said...

the advancement are fucking fantastic & this is a killer tune - good move... searched for them & found your show, which I look forward to checking out as soon as it downloads. I assume you know "fall out" as well - another mind blowing groove. All the best, Martin

Heavy Üsker said...

ah yes, the advancement are great! i can't remember the "fall out" track too well but i will go back and check it out. the really big tune on the album (for me) is "moorish mode". good luck in finding it!