Tuesday, March 28, 2006

google wracking

looking through the stats of my heavyusker website i came across some interesting searches that lead people to my page. the vast majority of searches are relevant (just as well, really) but i had to wonder at the people who were looking for

1. bar graph about the cons of drinking too much beer
2. why do you heavy breath when upset
3. french porno (this person must have trawled through a LOT of porn to get to my page, and then must have been very disappointed!)
4. www.indian porno.com (several times!)
5. best hairdressers clapham
6. scrap yards clapham (what is this with clapham?)
7. yugoslavia bons women manager current email contact (at least they were being specific...)
8. please let me listen to baris manco music (ok, google doesn't quite work like that)
9. cryogenics frozen spark plugs does it work
10. jazz beard

i've thought of a new challenge which will hopefully make me as rich and famous as the author of googlewhack. the idea is to find my webpage using the most absurd search string possible. you'll either need to be very cunning (and googlewrack your brains - ouch!) or very patient. a prize to the most ludicrous offering!! (subject to verification in the stats page!)

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