Sunday, April 22, 2007

podcast #12

i've just been finding too much good music lately to go to waste (either in the shops or hidden in my own collection, collecting dust). so, without further ado, here is this the tracklisting - comments please!! and don't forget to check out my myspace and become a friend! oh yes, and jonmarie dominguez from new mexico has gone to the trouble of creating a dedicated radio madrid group on facebook! thanks for the support!

40 winks - one button (merck)
drop zone productions - wondering
40 winks - melancolia (escapism)
QSO featuring AR - follow me (rebtuz)
quantic - announcement to an answer (tru thoughts)
fat freddy's drop - this room (drop)
johnny osbourne - truths and rights (studio 1)
randy's all stars - batman (impact!)
jackie mittoo - hang em high (coxsone)
mark ronson - stop me
dennis coffey - black belt jones main theme (w)
gp & gf reverberi - session 3
nino ferrer - mirza (riviera)
the latin brothers - las caleñas son como las flores (soundway)
wilson das neves - california soul (ether)
claudette soares - carolina carol bela (philips)
joao donato - que besteira (som livre)
os originais do samba - tenha fe, pois amanha um lindo dia vai nascer (exportacao)
viva brasil - ronco de cuica (sugarloaf)


Castillo said...

I like it A LOT. It was very nice to listen on the same podcast to nino ferrer (My parents used to play me this song) and 40 winks.

Rob where do you get all this records? How many you have ?


Heavy Üsker said...

hi miguel

glad you liked it... i've got a slightly less scratchy copy of that nino ferrer record somewhere... but i couldn't find it amongst all the records (which are in no particular order). i dunno, i reckon i must have about 4,000 or so + some cds... nowadays i don't get much time to do real record shopping and have to make do with the internet. most of the new records i get from picadilly records and the old stuff - i'd have to kill you if i told you where i got those from!! ;-)

hans db said...

Good show, nice balance between new & old. Thanks for introducing me to Nino Ferrer - was new to me. Guess it's one of its best songs? Interesting how a dog can inspire people to make such great music :)

Best from Belgium,

Heavy Üsker said...

aha... actually there's another track on the same ep/lp which is great (maybe even better). may drop it soon... been meaning to play nino ferrer for years on the show but never found the right moment - had no idea it would generate so much interest!! take it easy

Castillo said...


Listen to just one track of Dj-Shadow latest album The Outsider. The track "This Time" could fit very well on one of your show. perhaps next to Ives Montand? :D

Today, it's going to be a nice day in Madrid and that means Beer and Tapas!!!


Roodman said...

Hi! I have been searching for the Batman song by Randy`s All Star for a looooong time. But heard a bit of it on your podcast.
Is it possible for you to send me the mp3 of this song?

Jah bless.