Wednesday, October 18, 2006

podcast #8 - long time no hear

i'm back! been travelling around far too much lately - at least, that's my excuse this time. still, i hope its worth the wait. i'm already itching to do another one. here's the tracklist:

the cure - the snakepit (fiction)
ben westbeach - beauty (brownswood) (not best wenbeach as i presented it!)
maxence cyrin - sueño latino (download)
massive attack - teardrop (wb)
chinchilla - don't kill your fantasy (hitop)
melba moore - the magic touch (musicor)
the bamboos - happy (tru thoughts)
platinum pied pipers - 50 ways to leave your lover (ubiquity)
hiroshi fukumara - hunt up wind (inner city)
the quartette très bien - charade (decca)
the indonesian all stars - burungkaka tua (verve)
dj catalyst - baltimore oriole (pr records)
tavus havasi - baba zula (double moon)
okay temiz - east breeze (wea)
shantel - mahalageasca (essay)


miriamcheca said...


vaya vaya, casi que publicamos los podcast a la vez...
estamos un poco lentos, eh? jeje.

un beso,
ya suenan the cure...

flog said...

nice tracks - I was surprised you play Massive Attack, but it fits well... looking forware to Nr. 9