Wednesday, June 14, 2006

happy birthday

well, actually its not MY birthday but RADIO MADRID is 5 years old today!! it started off as an idea that i had on my honeymoon while lounging in a hammock in belize... i had recently moved to spain and i missed those "sessions" when friends would come round and listen to records and drink beer. it wasn't quite the same thing, but i thought i would start an internet radio station for my friends to listen to (see my webpage for the tracklisting history). as it turned out, few of my friends had the bandwidth to listen to it in those days and instead i started getting emails from all over the world from people i didn't know. i ended up doing mixes for milkaudio and soulstrut amongst others and a chap called gaspar got in touch as a result... that lead to the live radio sessions in el círculo de bellas artes (100.4 fm) which during the two years that i had the opportunity to broadcast, i progressed from nervously talking (and sweating) over the records in spanish to being reasonably confident. unfortunately as you know those sessions got canned earlier this year to make way for more flamenco and poetry. that's when i discovered the podcast! thanks to all those who have spurred me on along the way!

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Jadd said...

Happy birthday Radio Madrid!!!