Friday, May 05, 2006

new podcast!!!

yes! its been a little while but we've had an overdose of bank holidays here (4 since the last podcast - life is tough). so it's meant time away from my beloved vinyl, delays in records arriving and - most importantly - john gómez, my special guest has been away. but i think you will agree that the wait was worth it. he has pulled out a bag of absurdly good tunes that are making me seriously question whether i can match that kind of quality. anyway, without further ado, here is the tracklist. comments please!!

ray bryant - cubano chant (2s siders)
los fabulosos festivales - el mensaje (soundway)
manny corvado - chicken and booze (jazzman)
joe torres - latino con soul (world pacific)
sarah vaughn - the mystery of man (telmak)
nera leao - berimbau (elenco)
al hirt - harlem hindoo (rca)
jef gilson nonet - overture (saba)
gum drop feat zena edwards - now i rise (altered vibes)
tenorio junior - consolocao (rce)
bahamadia - good rap music
gary bartz - i've known rivers (prestige)
innerzone orchestra - people make the world go round (planet e)
ray haynes - dorian (prestige)
pete kuzme feat bilal - high and dry (bbe)
nino maschelle - if you believe (you will be strong) - ubiquity
omar - ghana emotion (ether)
rebtuz - to be in love (white)
the gotan project - diferente
los hermanos latinos - baria cumbia (black)
bill cosby and the bunions bradford funeral marching band - mouth of the fish (sussex)


M. said...


me encantó todo lo que trajo tu amigo John,
ese medio tiempo... qué groove!!
y cuando lo baña con jazz...

eso es, eso es!!

hans said...

lovely show! only halfway but boy.. great selection!

perfecto para empezar el dia!

jackson said...

nice. nice.

i just stumbled across this by way of an unrelated search on itunes, I only clicked because of the picture. that 'los hermanos latinos' track at the end is fantastic. more of that?


Heavy Üsker said...

thanks jackson!

you've made my day... one thing is that you like my music, but even better that it was my handsome face that made you click. just a shame that that photo was take some 8 years (and X kilos) ago. still, i have given up smoking, that's something.

yes, los hermanos latinos... i'll try to dig out one of their first two 12"s for inclusion on the next podcast. unfortunately white labels are very difficult to find in my totally disordered collection so no guarantees!

don't forget to subscribe.

wooodenelephant said...

Some really nice selections here, boys! Wow, Nera Leao is a lovely vocalist. I Googled her and all it threw up was your podcast. ¿Que pasa?
Beautiful Jef Gilson and Gary Bartz tracks too. Mmmmm.
Hey, how about doing a Brownswood Basement style podcast and sending us some more of those fine dusty nuggets?

Anonymous said...

nice one, loved the cubano chant thing, and the panamaian funky stuff. keep up the good work!

wooodenelephant said...

Sorry to be pedantic, but it seems the correct spelling is Nara Leao, with an accent on the 'a' in the surname :D

Anonymous said...

I'm running off to get more Al Hirt tracks! Thanks for this wonderful show. A